Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Teach Me Thursday} Apples in Review

September was apple month. Most of our activities were competed with only construction paper. 

Like many kids Little Miss's favorite preschool type activity is Arts and Crafts.

We made:

Apple Shaker Man

Fist Apples

Foot and Hand Print Apple Trees (Possibly Little Miss's favorite of the month)

3D Apple Tree

Her second favorite thing to do is play games.

We played:

Apple Hunt

Beat the Worm (this one was not loved, it had "rules")

I used many of her Bingo, Memory and Envelope Games to keep her busy at times other than "preschool time".  She got to play many of these games with Daddy because we have been needing to keep and Little Mister separated more than usual lately.

We played:

Seed Bingo

Apple Shape Bingo

Color and Letter Bingo

Apple Memory with Numbers and Letters 

Apple Color Memory

Apple Shape Tree Envelope Game

These are other games we played

Bushel Color Match

Apple Match Game

Counting Apple Trees

We added one pre-writing skill activity this time.  It was about as popular as patterns the first time we did them.
Apple Trace (Pre Writing)


As we all have found out I am an over achiever and we just don't get to it all.  (I have a plan to combat that next month.)

We didn't get to:
Big Bite Order

Apple Toss

Apple Letter Match

Worm Hunt

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