Friday, November 2, 2012

{Fitness Friday} ShapelyGirl Fitness Review

ShapelyGirl Fitness is a fitness program that believes just start moving and you will feel great.  They passionately believe that "Fitness comes in many sizes."  This fitness program is geared toward plus size women.  Women who fear what people will think of them if they go to the gym and those who fear not understanding the workout.

When I was contacted about this review I committed to working out 3 times a week with a ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD.  I also agreed to blog about my progress and struggles.  These were things I could agree to so I joined the custom crew.  I was one of 27 women working out with Debra for the month of October.

I was asked by a friend why I choose to review this DVD.  Here was my thinking - our evenings are super rushed (Hubs was working out of the home at the time) and getting to the gym was getting harder and harder.  I thought it would be great to have something to do at home while Hubs was at the gym.

So I picked Low Impact Cardio.  I thought about picking the one with weights, but I was not sure I had weights.  The other was a step aerobics DVD.

I think a disclaimer is needed here.  I have been working out on and off for 8 to 10 months now, and I like the intense classes that I feel like I am going to die when I am done.  Give me a protein shake and a gallon of water - that work out was worth it!  I need to break a sweat or I feel like it was a waste of my time.

I hate to say this, but I got a better work out playing tag with my 2 year old than using this DVD. 

So, then I had to ask myself - was the workout what it advertises?  Yes.  This is a low impact workout.  If you are just starting to work out, this might be a great DVD for you.  If you have medical issues where you need something that does not stress your joints, this might be a great DVD for you.  If you are just starting to work out from having a baby, this might be a great DVD to get started with.  If you are like me and need intense workouts this DVD is not for you. 

So the results:
No changes in any of my measurements.  No changes in weight. 

When another blogger brought this up in our Facebook group we were asked to look at our overall health.  Were there any changes like more energy, less pain, over all feeling better? 

The best thing this DVD did for me was to remind me that I love going to the gym and would rather work out at the gym than home.  It made me take a look at our schedule and find time to get to the gym. 

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You can get your DVD's at ShapelyGirl Fitness's website

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