Monday, December 31, 2012

{Make it Happen Monday} Week 1

I am taking it light on the goals this week for two reasons.

One:  We are moving from our own place and having to move in with my in-laws. We could be there for up to 15 months and that is going to take a lot of work and adjusting.

Two:  I am still recovering from a hospital stay and I am supposed to be resting as much as possible.

I know those two reason are quite opposite from each other.

But none-the-less here we go.

- Sign us up for the Alpha class at church.
- 3 Facebook Posts

- Get us moved and settled without too much commotion and up-heaval.

- Enforce wake up time and naptimes better.

- rest as much as possible and heal.

- 2 Chapters in Becoming a Woman of Freedom Bible Study

- 2 Facebook Messages/Wall Posts

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