Monday, December 31, 2012

{Make it Monday} - Christmas Chocolate

This Christmas season we went a more sentimental route.  We made at least one gift for each member of the family.

I found this pin and thought that it would be a fun craft for all of us.

But I decided I would use the Christmas images that our family enjoys.

I just realized that I missed pictures of The Grinch - for Uncle C and Nephew.  The snowmen went to Papaw and Aunt J.  Nana got the Santa.  This was a fun evening project that we all worked on. 

Using a piece of construction paper we wrapped the candy bar. 

White for Snowmen
Red for Santa
Half Red and Half Green for Grinch

Then I cut out all the accessory shapes.  Daddy and Kaitlyn took on the gluing.  They glued on all the pieces, except for Santa.  There were many pieces and I figured Daddy had helped enough, so I took on Santa.

Everyone loved it and said, "These are so cute, I don't want to open them!"

And did you see those last two pictures?  She is just like her Daddy.  I love those two.

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