Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Small Examples Stick

This is a typical Saturday night/Sunday in our house.

Usually it is Hubs, "What's the deal tonight?"  {Saturday night putting the Little Miss to bed}

Little Miss, "No whining, No crying, No getting out of bed."

Then I usually add, "What is tomorrow?"

Little Miss, "Church day."

Me, "So what do you get if you say in bed without whining or crying?"

Little Miss, "I get to watch the music."

This is exactly how it happened Saturday night.  It was the best night that she had gone to bed all week!

Sunday we were running late.  She had to change rooms in the Children's Ministry, so we went straight to drop off instead.  After church she looks at us, "Can we go watch the music now?"  We go to the early service at our church so we could easily stay to watch the worship of the 2nd service.  So that is what we did.

Little Mister even got to watch the music and he really enjoyed it too.

Why am I sharing this - because something interesting happened.

At the start of worship our worship leader was talking about sometimes we have to remember to tell our bodies to worship, it is not just a mental thing.  So to do whatever we feel - close our eyes, raise our hands, bow our heads - whatever we feel lead to do.

Little Miss has seen me lift my hands in worship and we "dance" to the more upbeat songs.  Dancing as much as you can in seat space.

Song 1, I am holding Mister, and Hubs is helping Miss stand on the back of seat to see the stage.  Mister and I are dancing some - I even think I heard Hubs worshiping.

Song 2, We are singing and I hear, "psst"  I look back and there is Miss with her hand up in the air.  Hubs said later he had looked around and no one near us had their hands up.  It warmed my heart to see her worshiping how ever she is lead.   

My prayer is that she continues to worship God, pray and build a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.  I just pray we are setting Godly examples. 


  1. Super cute story! I love it. It's so amazing to watch kids. They are so uninhibited and true. I try to be more like that every day.

  2. Reminds me of Matthew 18:3. So sweet to see such pure worship like that of a child. Thank you for sharing this! Warmed my heart.



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