Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{almost} Wordless Wednesday - Somebody turned 3!

Mama is so behind on things.  December is such a busy month for us and this year there were all sorts of other dramas.  We did have a spectacular party though!  (even if it was a month ago!)

Little Miss turned 3.  She is turning into such a pretty little girl.  Yes, I am biased.  Look even Hickman #5 was dressed for the occasion.
Our theme - Yo Gabba Gabba - specifically taken from Super Spies with Jason Bateman.  Seriously, Bateman fans you need to watch this.  The whole episode is about balloon art.  So these are our character balloons.  Little Miss had to have Plex and I had no yellow balloons.  Therefore, the multicolored one.

I am not tooting my own horn, but that cake turned out to be AMAZING!  Looked just like her invitations.
Of course Little Mister was there.  He had as much fun as Little Miss and  her girl friends.  We ended up with  4 of her girlfriends being able to make it to her party.
Don't know what do do for entertainment at a party?  Make a balloon drop.  Now this did go with our theme, but it could be done at any party.  Lace together two halves of a disposable tablecloth.  Tape it to the ceiling and fill with balloons.  During the party pull the strings unlacing the balloons and let them fall.  HOURS of entertainment!
She is such a grateful little girl.  Her friend made the card for her and Little Miss didn't even want to open the gift because she loved the card so much.  Gift is also well loved, Sleeping Beauty.
She didn't really know how to handle everyone singing to her.  She couldn't get her candle blown out so all her girlfriends helped out.  Side note - check out those balloon flowers - adorable right!?! Yeah, never making them again!  
This was by far the least expensive party I have ever thrown.  "Goodies" were any balloons they wanted and a Yo Gabba Gabba coloring book we made by printing off coloring pages from a variety of websites.  The only money we spent were the supplies for her cake and pink streamers.  Everyone had a blast, that was the important thing.

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