Thursday, January 17, 2013

{Teach Me Thursday} - FYI

Teach Me Thursday is going to be different for a while - I am not sure how long right now.  We don't have many any of our supplies where we are staying.

I am not even exactly sure what I am going to be sharing. 

- Your kid inspired {Pinterest} boards.  You have to share them with me on Facebook though to get shared.  
Go here to share your boards.  

- I might just share some great preschool finds.  

- There might be some of your old favorites.  

It might be a combination of all the above.  

{Pinterest Board}

Kelly over at Exceptionalistic shared her creativity board.
Great craft ideas for kids and adults alike.  

One of the great finds from Kelly's Board.
{Great Find for Preschool}

We love memory games around here as you may already know.
I usually just make them on index cards.  This is a great option.

Found on Pinterest, but this is the link to the blogger, Eat, Drink, Chic and her super cute blog.
{Re-Visit a Favorite}

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