Monday, January 21, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Week 3 Update

I think I fell off my rocker this week.  Yes, my week was thrown off because of needing to have a procedure done on Wednesday.  I am sure that I can come up with excuses, but the fact of the matter is that I didn't make it happen.

So here were the goals from last week:

- At least 3 more chapters in Isaiah. - {When updating on Saturday, only 2}
- Continue reading plan - {Haven't finished it yet, but will be up today or tomorrow}
- Take time to journal three times this week. {Only once this week}

- 3 FB posts about why I really love Hubs.  Real reasons. {This was just a big fat fail.}
- Hair and make up twice this week, preferable on the same days.  - You know you do it too.  There are just sometimes when you finally get your hair done you have no desire left to do the make-up, or the kids are screaming. {Yeah, another big fat fail.}
- Find a way to connect with Hubs this week.  Friday night might be good since we will have the house to ourselves for a while. {We watched Grey's on Friday night and spent some time talking about things on Friday, but a real connection - questionable.}

- Dinner meal plan for dinner at home Monday through Friday. {Dinner plan was made and mostly stuck to, Wednesday was a change in plans because of my procedure.}
- Get our laundry caught up and away. {As of Saturday, half accomplished}

- Out of house play day.  {We did go play Tuesday.  They also got a long playdate on Wednesday.}
- Remember to love before getting annoyed.  Boredom and transition is what is causing behavior challenges.  {It was a better week, but still hard.}

- Take time to read nightly.  {I read more than the week before, but not nightly.}

- Respond to all friends that I haven't over the last few weeks.  I have a hard time when people extend love to me sometimes.  {I sent out a group email about some updates and prayer requests, but I didn't get back to those who emailed or called me - big fat fail.}

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