Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Okay ... to Say Goodbye

Rocky and Kirby
It's okay to ... 

Cry writing this post.  
We found out some very sad news about our family dog.  
Poor Rocky has kidney cancer.  He has two large tumors on his kidneys and seems to be in quite a bit of pain.  He won't be with us much longer.  

It's okay to ... 

Already be praying for healing for the family - this is going to be hard on all of them.  

It's okay to ... 

Love a dog as much as you love the human members of your family.  
He is our pampered pooch, our big baby, the sweetest dog any family could ask for.  To say he is spoiled rotten would be a complete understatement.

It's okay to ... 

Be sad that visiting my family will be so different now.  
Rocky has been around for a long time.  We got Rocky when he was a very young puppy.  I was 22, sister was 16, and brother was 13. 

It's okay to ... 

wish I could just take all the pain away.
From Rocky and the pain that losing him will cause.  

It's okay to ... 

ask Rocky to give my baby a kiss when they meet when he goes Home since he will get to meet the baby before I will.  

It's okay to ... 

not be strong enough to keep all of this in all the time.  

It's okay to ... 

not know how to end this and not want to hit publish.  It makes it way to real.

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