Monday, February 25, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Update Week 8

After updating the goals from last week it would appear that it was not that productive a week.  Truth is I am feeling really good about the week we just had.  It could be that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting so bright.  

Things that happened that were not on this list.  We set up a plan on how we are going to move forward with getting back on our feet.  We are very thankful that we have family to stay with at this time and that it is going so smoothly.  We are going to be disciplined and act as if we have a full load of bills.  We are going to set up our budget and keep it.  That way when we find a lease option down the road we will have already been working our plan and it will be a super smooth transition.  We just pray that God helps us stay on the plan and we don't get caught up in all the excitement.  

I also found my list of goals from the beginning of the year.  I wrote them out and now have them in my planner so that I can keep a better tab on what I want to get done.

  • Get caught up on 52 days devotional. Not caught up, but closer to it.  Got a whole week done.
  • Get caught up on Online Bible Journey.  Big Fat Fail
  • Read 5 chapters in Isaiah.  I did better this week, but still missed the mark.  I only read 3.
  • Journal 3 x this week. Again, better, but only 2 times.  I find that I journal when things seem super stressed out and I need to sort things our more so than just journal.  
  • Enforce our schedule and start getting everyone back into the swing of things.  Decided to push this back one week and take advantage of the last week with Daddy home with us.  
  • Schedule play-dates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Completely forgot I wanted to do this.  OOPS!
  • Figure out what our next strategy for potty training is going to be.  Still searching.  We added if you try you get a Dora Coloring Sheet to color WITH markers.  We took away bedtime back scratches.
  • Get dressed with make-up just for him 3x this week. I worked a lot this week, but I made sure to get up and get mostly dressed (meaning the top half of the outfit and jeans - still super cute and then change pants right before leaving) right away those days.  He got to have me all day looking good.  I even hit 4 days!  Go me!
  • Plan {ABD} for one night this week. Although this was a miss we did make plans for our anniversary in September.  Something to look forward to and motivation to exercise.
  • Dust the family room.  ( I know if I were reading that I would be saying to myself - that's it?  I don't know the last time this room was clean clean.  It might take me all week.)  Yep, straight up skipped this.  It will get done sooner or later.  
  • Keep the kitchen cleaned up.  It stayed pretty cleaned and organized.  Just getting a little tired of our different standards of cleanliness.  Is it so hard to just wipe up your missed cheese shreds?
  • Let's try this again - email 1 or 2 friends who have reached out during this season of our lives.  I thought about two people while I was doing my 52 day devotional.  Instead of saying to myself.  This is the enemy trying to keep me off task I thought, maybe this is God prompting me to reach out.  I emailed them both right when I thought of them.
  • Read 30 minutes a day for me.  I didn't read nightly.  In fact I only read two nights.  I did one night sit down and watch a movie just for me.  It was even a movie I knew Hubs would not really enjoy.  One Night with the King was on TBN.  So although I didn't read I did take time for me and it's not getting crossed off because I didn't do it, I also don't see it as a fail.
  • Write for at least 7 hours this week.  The goal is one hour a day, but I am already behind.  I should be able to make it up though.  - Ha Ha! 60 minutes.  I have figured out a schedule for myself that should work well with the kids and with a little help from Hubs I should be able to get writing done.     I was trying to write while both kids were in full play mode.  That does not work.  
  • Next section of the e-book. - Worked on it, but not complete.  
  • Final edits to e-book that I am about to publish about Easter.
  • Voices! Marketing three times this week.  I didn't do any marketing at all last week.  I did take time to get a plan in place.  Hopefully I will be able to work the plan.
  • Five Marketing three times this week.
  • Update pictures and link up appropriate posts to the pics {goal 15}
  • Reviewing:  Leggings Post will go live Tuesday  Found that I will not be getting compensated for this post, so I am debating posting it at all.
  • Reviewing:  Read at least "14 days" in current book for review.  I think I am up to Day 18. This is a super fast read and I hope to have it done by the end of the week.  Since I have a second one that I need to get started on.

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