Monday, March 4, 2013

Make It Happen - February in Review

We are two months into 2013.  I am glad to say that it is not more of the same.

First of all, if you would like to get to know us a little better and what are goals are for 2013 you can read about our Big Picture here.

Looking over these bigger goals at the end of the month is something that I will keep us on track to accomplishing them.  That way I won't forget something that I put on there and I can make sure we are Living Intentionally with and on Purpose.

So overall how are we doing in 2013?

  • Hubs started a new job!  It just started this week and it has been a bit of a challenge because the training seems to be by the seat of the pants.  All in all it has been a blessing and God has been there to work out all the little hiccups.  God has to be in it all because day one of training the mission statement was being discussed and the last point was ... "To honor God in all that we do."  Ahhh, working for a privately owned company has its perks.
  • Staying with the in-laws has given us morning access to a car most days.  This has been a huge blessing when it comes to getting to playgroup and running minor errands.  
  • A friend of ours is blessing us with a carseat.  We won't have to keep changing Little Mister's seat.  
  • Staying here as been quite smooth.  Much, much smoother than anyone could have anticipated.  We have been able to figure out a budget and a game plan to get us to the next season of life.  My prayer over it is that God is in it with us and that we are not just trying to make something happen for ourselves.  
  • We might have found a strategy to get Little Mister to stay in childcare while we are at church -- Bo Bo {his blanket my mom made him when he was first born}.  I am so thankful for this because we are going to be starting a class at church and he has to stay in childcare 2 hours on Tuesday nights.  
  • Still have not completely healed from the miscarriage.  I have had friends pray with me and lay hands on me while praying, but it's still challenging because I really just want this chapter to be over.  To be slightly transparent - I want to be able to be intimate with Hubs again.  {TMI?  Sorry.}
  • Little Miss is super struggling with #2 on the potty.  {Again too much information-sorry!}.  We are giving this up to the Lord.  There is nothing that we can do to get into her head that it's okay to go on the potty.  She feels the urges, she knows the difference, she asks for a diaper to do it and will do it in the bathroom, just not on the pot.  So there is a head issue going on, so we are just praying for her.
  • Little Miss and Little Mister have been fighting a lot more than usual.  That is something we are going to have to work out.  
What about the Big Picture Goals?

On the accomplishing side:  
  • We have signed up for the Alpha class at church and it starts in 2 weeks!  It's a 10 week course and I am really excited that we are doing it together.  
  • I am doing well with the "Real Reasons" - I have been leaving most of them on Facebook.  Now that I will be making him lunch I will be able to leave him notes in other places too!  
  • Meal Plan for Monday through Friday and eating at home has been working really well.  Especially with the addition of Freezer Meals.  {Post coming soon}
  • Our goal to follow God's plan is one that is hard to measure, but we definitely are praying about our decision more and listening more to that small still voice.
Things to work on more: 

These are my big goals for the first 6 months of 2013, so they all need to be worked on to be accomplished. There are some that I think I could be doing better at.
  • Rules and Consequences need to be stepped up.  See that last challenge.  -- hmmm, just a thought.  
  • My time in the Word needs to be increased and worked on.  I am in the word, but it's not as consistent as I would like.  God will also lead me to great content to share with all of you.  
  • We haven't seen our friends in quite some time.  Something we could try to be better at.
  • Enforcing our schedules.  I have created them all, now they just need to be enforced.  Again - that last challenge.  
  • Now that Hubs and I have some money coming in we can now also start working on making sure we have date nights and {ABD}'s once a week.  
  • Thought I would have at least one book finished by now, so I also want to pick up on that.

  • Crazy Love
  • Case for Christ
  • Spiritually Stronger in 40 days {Review coming soon!}
On the Docket:
  • No Shame Only Power {Also will be reviewed}

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