Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Toddler Tuesday} Emerging Behaviors

Things are interesting around here lately.  Technically, we have a toddler and a preschooler.  Little Miss has us in stitches often.  She has always been a ham, but lately I am loving the imagination that is emerging.

Things emerging - preschooler:

  • Coloring and drawing - this lately has been a daily activity.  She asks me to draw so many different things.  I love it when she asks me to draw a monster.  It’s a great way to work on different concepts.  “What shape should the monster’s head be an oval or a square?”  “Should the fur be straight or curly?”  “How many eyes does the monster have?”  “What color is the monster’s body?”
  • Over the last week or two she has started interacting with the different tv shows she enjoys.  She will go up to the tv and point to the different “mouska-tools” that need to be used or where to go on Dora.  The one that shocked me the first time I heard her do it, “Do you see super letters?  What letters do you see?”  “R and S”  and she was right.  
  • Imagination - We have a family of rabbits that are living with us, Brody the rabbit and a baby.  She has such a caring heart because she is always taking care of the bunnies.  We can’t tell if these are nice rabbits or mean rabbits because sometimes she is saying, “Hurry so the rabbits don’t get us!”  She is hysterical.

What do you mean you want to take a nice picture of me Mommy?

Things emerging - toddler:

  • Although he is not always sure what we are asking Little Mister has started nodding yes and shaking his head no.  Every time we ask him something “Do you want more hamburger?” and he nods yes, we repeat yes helping him learn even more words.  
  • Could be one of the funniest things he does - he likes to steal and run.  It’s as if he is saying, “I got your stuff and I am not giving it back!”  
  • I am already noticing that “terrible twos’ are going to be difficult with Little Mister, he is already throwing fits when he gets frustrated.  


I do love being a mommy.  I am happy that our babes are so close in age.  I didn’t realize how tiring it was going to be chasing around these two all day.  I go to bed exhausted most nights, and I probably don’t count my blessings quite enough, but it’s a good exhausted.

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