Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Make It Happen Monday} Week 7 Update

I am not so sure what happened this past week, fell off on a few things and picked it up on others.  I think we are starting to get back into the swing of things.  I am finally starting to get my game back.  With working from home.  I think we have really made some decisions about what we want to happen this upcoming year and a bit of a plan to make it happen. 

Things will probably be lax yet this week since it is Hubs last week home with us.  We have not given up on our marketing positions, but we need to be in a better place financially to make that happen.  I am so thankful that he has a job now that will cover our expenses and give us time to get back on our feet.  

- Post last week's Online Bible Journey by Wednesday. { Fail }
- Read 52 Days devotionals as they come each day. {Fail - I read some of them but not daily. Need to do this if this series is going to make the difference I am praying it does. }
- How much in Isaiah can I read? {Did I even open my bible this week?  BIG FAT FAIL.}

- Determine the schedule we are going to use with the kids.
- Plan playdate for Little Miss with her besties. {Life has not allowed the planning of this, but she was supposed to play with friends because we were asked to babysit on Friday.  She didn't get to go because of behavior issues.}
- Make the kids clean up their toys before bed.  {Failure most days because of behavior challenges and going to bed early.}

- Meal Plan for the month.  A month works so much better than a week at time for us.  One week at a time is just too much work for this Mama. {excited to try the new crockpot meals I found - our attempt at freezer cooking begins!}
- Keep cleaning up the levels we live in. { Already dusted the entertainment center and reorganized. }
- Clean the kitchen - see about way to restack/organize to make some room in the pantry and a cabinet. { Just did it without asking, pantry while MIL was gone.  "Wow, the kitchen looks great."  Did the cabinets and counter one morning and caused tears of joy. }

- Love notes - 3
- Get as much daytime fun as possible since Hubs starts working out of the house in 2 weeks.  {Took the kids to play thanks to some very pleasant weather.} 
- Get completely dressed (yes I have been living in sweats and yoga pants on non-work days) 2 times this week.  {One day he didn't even notice!  The second day he did. I actually got completely dressed 4 days last week!  It felt so good. }

- Bed by 10:30 non-work nights. {Big Fat Fail}
- Finish Crazy Love {Fail - I didn't read at all this week!}
- Yoga 2 times this week.  {attempted but kids kept getting in the way}

- Email one/two friends that have reached out during this season. { fail }

- I am just going to forget about calls for the next few weeks.  Reception is a problem with our cells right now.
- Finish the next section of the e-book.  { Fail - how am I going to get my writing to really take off this year if I don't sit down and write?  Have I really just not found a good place where I can focus here? }
- Make some changes to e-book since missing out on some holidays. { Going to reword the intro and it will work out just fine.  Removed the Groundhog Day stuff. }
- New content 4 days this week.  { Bonus - they were not all scheduled either! }
- Focus on Marketing and Traffic for articles. { fail }
- Write and publish 3 new articles this week. { fail }

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