Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Toddler Tuesday} Peas in a Pod

It is funny how different two kids can be and so similar all at the same time.

Thursday we took the kids out for awhile.  Personally, I love that I can get them out of the house on February 14th and not be freezing or covered in snow.

Two Peas in a Pod - being daring.  Little Miss took on the big slide all by herself, no one at the bottom to catch her.  This is after several times of going down the slide.  No coaxing needed.  So different than just 6 months ago.

Little Mister - well he thinks that he can climb up anything.  He was determined to climb up a slide.  

Two Peas in a Pod - SWINGS!

The faces of complete joy.  "Are you ready to play on something else?" "No, I am getting my swinging on."  Where does she pick up this stuff!

Our next goal.  To get Little Miss to go down the tube slides by herself.  (She has had two not so pleasant experiences with tube slides.  So this will be a gradual thing.) 

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