Friday, April 19, 2013

{Feeding Me Friday} Freezer Cooking Adventure #1

I am sure you have all seen it if you have been around Pinterest or the blogsphere at all over the last 6 months.  Freezer cooking.

So I thought I would take my hand at it.  I am now basically feeding a family of 6, 4 bigs and 2 littles.  I made the list of meals that I found online that I thought the 4 bigs would like and the 2 littles would at least eat.

I wrote out everything that was needed for my adventure into freezer cooking.  I even scheduled the sides we were having with each meal.  I then took my ingredient list and went into the kitchen.  What can I cross off this list?  Those staples that you always seem to have in your cabinets … soy sauce, ketchup, all the spices, and things like that.

Now that I have gone through the pantry I added to the list … those things that we buy every other day  weekly.

Off to the store I go.  I went to 2 different places on 2 different days (that was a timing thing).  I spent $250.  I am sure there are some of you out there that just gasped at that for reasons of wow that’s it and there are others saying that would feed us for a month!  I will continue.

I had planned dinners for 2 weeks and the other stuff on this list was also enough for 2 weeks.  Before I digress and go into what actually happened I will finish this part of the story.

After day 2 of grocery shopping I stood in the kitchen and labeled each bag of what was going to be in and what sides were to be served with it.  I threw all the stuff in the bags and threw the bags in the freezer.  When it came time to cook I would pull out the bag let it sit out for an hour (you are supposed to do this overnight in the fridge … yeah, like I ever remembered that part!)  Then I put it in the crock pot and turned that sucker on high.

Of the recipes 2 of them we removed from the list of combinations that we will put in our bodies.  The rest were able to remain.

What we found out.  We get SUPER tired of crock pot meals SUPER fast.  The $250 worth of food did last us all 2 weeks, I even think it took us well into week 3.

Just like any good thing, there can be too much of a good thing.  I will be returning to my meal planning using fresh foods and working around our schedules.  I am blessed to be able to not be super rushed at dinner time.  I will take advantage of that right now.  I do think that crock pot meals will work well for nights that I am not here to make dinner and Hubs does appreciate the not having to get it all done.  Even if lately they are just taken out to eat those nights.

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