Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Imagine

Every Friday I get an email about the 5 minute Friday.  I look at the prompt, sometimes I write, but most times I don't.  

I just closed my eyes for 5 minutes and let my fingers do the rest.  (The closing my eyes parts stops my need to edit as I write.)

So here it is:  IMAGINE

Imagine what could happen if I gave it my all.  Imagine what could happen if I really knew exactly what I am supposed to do.  Imagine what could happen if I really just admit it and let go all my frustrations and all of my fears.  Let go of all my what ifs,  imagine what I could have if I was free.  

To think.  That is what exactly what Jesus gives me.  The ability to be free.  The ability to let it all go.  Cast all your worries to the Lord.  That is what it tells us to do.  That is what we are told to do.  Imagine if we really could do that. 

Imagine the life that doing that … letting go would really bring.  Would we have gray hair?  Would we be stressed about where the money for this or that is going to come from?  Would we really care?  We wouldn’t because we have put all of our trust in God.

Imagine --- Imagine a life of all your dreams coming true.  Imagine a life that is exactly what you want.  God created us in his image - he created us by speaking.  Imagine if we harnessed that power and created the life we are imagining.  

Five Minute Friday

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