Monday, June 3, 2013

Make It Happen Monday Week 22, {Update}

Last Week:

Faith:  Honestly, I just wanted to be tuned-in to God this week.  Sometimes we get so filled up with the check this box, check that box.  I wanted to just be sure that I am tuned-in to HIS channel.
  • Pray for balance and revelation about where I have time to adjust things.  {Quiet Time has been hijacked by a 18 month old who hears us getting up and then wants to get up too!}
  • "Never Cease Praying"
  • Do our best to stay on the map this week and be willing to be guided and be willing to do what is needed.
Wife:  Our marketing job is the one that is going to be the changer, that or Sweets and Soirees.  So, right now I need to be working on both.  My big fear is that I won't have anyone to watch the kids.  I have been trying to figure that part out, but I have been doing it backward.  I need to get the appointments then figure out what to do with the kids.  
  • Put a note in Hubs lunch twice this week. (Fail, because I didn't even make his lunch twice this week.)
  • Develop expectations for working our marketing job.
  • Real Reasons on Facebook at least twice (Fail. Only, once)
  • Pray for revelation on what they are missing.  Too many tantrums from both of them lately.
  • Make adjustments to our summer schedule so we can go spend 2 weeks with Grandma and Grandpa - I know the changes and now I just have to send the email.
  • 3 walks this week {this is more for Hickman #5, but the kids really love it too.  Could it be that we end up at the park most of the time?}
  • Make sandbox.
Domestic Diva
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean family room (I dusted most of it last week).
  • Get a schedule that works for me getting work done.  I am tired of living like this.  It's time to Make It Happen.  House by November 1 here we come. -- Now to just consistently work the schedule.  Even if that means dealing with cranky kids to get them back on the right schedule.
  • For every pop I choose to drink I must drink 2 "bottles" of water.  -- Some days yes, but most no.
  • Evaluate where we are at the big goals that we wanted to accomplish and make adjustments.
Friend:  I keep beating myself up on this one.  I want to be a better friend, I am so focused on my own issues that my friendships fall to the side.
  • Pray for friends - as they come to mind.  
  • Send them a message, or write it down they came to mind and email them when I get a chance that day.
  • Get all contacts into the spreadsheet
  • Call in to Sales Call on Tuesday Morning
  • Finalize the plan that I started over the weekend to get most done and hit goals.
  • Assign deadlines to ongoing tasks.
  • Schedule written posts
  • Determine what is going where for the writing
  • Put the word out there for guest bloggers in July.
  • Market articles and posts daily. -- Totally hit 3 days!  That is a huge improvement for me.  
  • Link up with at least 3 blog hops and link parties.  -- One day I linked up with 2 or 3, I need to do this more.

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