Monday, June 3, 2013

Make It Happen Monday - Week 23

Praise the Lord, I have been able to get so much done already today.  Even with not too great of naps.

What are we up to this week?  When I wrote it out it seems light, but maybe I will get it all done then.

Pin God 1st - working our way through 1 Peter.  Don't know what Pin God 1st is?  Head over to Cravings and check it out.

Real Reasons - text (we have phone again), Facebook, or a note -- 3 x this week.
Work our marketing consulting schedule and schedule him some appointments.

Preps for Summer Camp (first year of summer camp for the kids! I am more stoked then they are)
Preps for Preschool (hopefully I will get this done by the end of the day Tuesday for this week)
Reward System for Little Miss

Domestic Diva:
Storage Unit Run - to take things over there and change out some toys.
Grocery Shopping
Chore List for both Miss and Mister.

Go for a walk 3x this week.
More water or Crystal light than soda -- even though today has been a nothing but Diet Pepsi kinda day. :(

15 calls per day, scheduling for next week.
Post the Pirate Party Plans
Post the Mustache Cake
Add the Mustache cake to the slide show
Quest for Christ Review
Marketing Plan for articles and posts
Schedule all written posts with links and pictures.

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