Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas A to Z: F is for Family

Welcome back!  Today it is letter F. 

This is actually a hard one for me to write today.  I am rather frustrated with my extended family. 

It has not been a secret that I was "back home" for 2 weeks. I have blogged about it, I have shared all sorts of things about it on Facebook and Instagram.  But that is a different rant for another time.  

F is for family. When family is in three different states you have to be flexible about the holidays. Last year we were all able to be together.  You can read Christmas Review here

This year we were not all able to be together.  Joe couldn't make it up from Atlanta and Keith can't take 2 weeks off work when you are new with the company. So Christmas #1 was my parents, sister, kiddos and me.  

The kids and I at Christmas #1 in Wisconsin.

The kids picked out all of their own gifts with minimal guidance.  Little Miss even wrapped all of her own gifts.

Thoughtful gifts (and possible a hot toy of the season with all the struggles my sister had getting this bad boy.)

And fun time #selfies.  

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