Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas A to Z: G is for Giving

Christmas A to Z has been so much fun!  

Like I need a reason to be focused on Christmas. 

Today's post doesn't have many pictures - mainly because I forgot to take them.  We started something about 4 years ago and it has just stuck as a tradition.  Our donation day. Great thing to talk about since G is for Giving. 

We all give at this time of the year. We think about it more. It's easy to think about people that don't have as much as we do. When are the one at the other end of the giving, it is a really humbling experience. 

Donation Day is always early in our countdown to Christmas time.  In November we have Little Mister's birthday, so there has been an influx of new toys.  Things become less loved and out grown. What a great time to give away what we don't love anymore.  There will also be an influx with Little Miss's birthday and Christmas(es).  

We will be did this on Monday. I have already gone through their clothes and pulled out the outgrown items.  Usually I just take everything to The Healing Center at our church and call it a day. This time I put it on Facebook - I have 3 and 4T clothes for boys - anyone need them?  Well my friends that run a daycare  responded saying the center could really use them. I had set them aside in a nice big box. Well when we returned from Wisconsin I wanted the kids to go through their toys and add to the box. 

Little Mister gave away a racetrack since he now has 3 of them and prefers smaller cars. He included a bunch of cars that he never touched. We added in the last few "baby" toys we had. Little Miss wanted to give books and a few dolls. 

Here is the best part. We took everything to the center. My friends faces were priceless. The best part - the kids got to see just how happy they made these kids with the race track. Seven 18 to 24 month old "babies" were over-joyed with the gift. 

It was great to see how appreciative my friends were. But to see my kids seeing their actions bring that joy to others - that was my gift from God. 

When I went to the gym today and saw a giving tree. I am so blessed to be able to pick two small gifts wants off that tree this year. I think that is truly my focus this year - giving back and finding more and more ways to do it. 

Later today we will be starting our treat making for 4 Christmas parties at church. I am so looking forward to my serving role at Thursdays party. I am handing out gifts!  More about that later. 

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