Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tell Me About it Tuesday: Book Review: Romancing Melody by Carrie Daws

January 8th was the best day.

Let me explain why.

Carrie Daws asked me to review Romancing Melody and Crossing's Redemption. I was elated! I mean I responded to her in ALL CAPS. When I told my husband about it he asked me if it was bold, too.  

That day she sent me Romancing Melody.  (At no point did Carrie ask for a good review, she specifically asked for an honest one.)

I shared this picture with the Caption ...
Well, I waited until I started cooking dinner. We were having a rather elaborate dinner that night so while the frozen pizza cooked away in the oven I stood there at the island reading. 

In our stream of emails Carrie asked me if I had read Ryan's Crossing.  Romancing Melody makes more sense if you had read Ryan's Crossing first.  I had read Ryan's Crossing (review here for your pleasure).  I happened to win it through a GoodReads giveaway when she first released it. 

We ate dinner and I sat my tablet down until the kids went to bed. Husband asked me if we were going to watch a movie. I told him something along the lines of watch what you want, I have a book to read. Curled up on the couch with the dog I shared this on Instagram.

UGHHH .. Must put it down.

I followed that up with a tweet to Carrie, "I won't finish tonight. I am sobbing, but so good!"

Yes, this book will make you cry. Although I might not be a good judge of that since I cry very easily. 

Well, I guess God had different plans than my going to sleep. My little man was having a really hard time sleeping and needed me to sit with him until he fell asleep. So I continued reading. By the time he was sleeping enough to move I had 30 pages left.

Okay, so have I built this up enough? Like my Crossing Values review and Ryan's Crossing review I am going to keep this slightly vague. I don't want to spoil this read for you. 

Melody is married to Ryan's friend David. David is in the Special Forces and they live in NC. Melody and David have a baby.  Shortly after he is born David is sent to Afghanistan. This is where the vagueness begins. Stuff happens, big stuff, stuff Melody can't handle on her own. People in her life remind her that God loves her, but Melody is not so sure.

After stuff happens Melody goes to Crossing for a few weeks. (With or without David - you will have to read to find out!) While she is there more stuff happens. 

We get to see more of our favorite Crossing peeps. Amber and Brittany are both pregnant. Faye Yager is still feeding everyone and spreading love. Ryan is charming and kind. We meet a new Crossing resident Mrs. Guire, Melody's aunt. She is on fire for God and I can tell there is a story there!

Here is what I love about Carrie Daws and her writing. I can read her books anywhere. At no point while reading one of her books will you get embarrassed or blush. Sometimes our faith walk is more like a roller coaster ride. Regardless where you are on that ride you will be touched by her writing.

I also love how Carrie gives you enough to create the complexity of a human, and still letting your imagination fill in the details.  For example, I cannot remember a visual description of any of the characters ... except Matthew and his bluer than blue eyes. I like that because to me Melody might be a brunette and to you she might be a blonde - and that is okay. It makes the reading more alive for me. I could be friends with these characters and I want to be part of the Yager family. 

I am looking forward to reading the final installment of the series Crossing's Redemption. 

Now Carrie did ask if I had read Ryan's Crossing first, because Romancing Melody will make more sense. I looked, it had been 2 years since I read a Crossing book. I do think you will enjoy this book not having read Ryan's Crossing first. You will enjoy it more if you have read the other books first.

Head on over to your favorite book seller and pick up copies now. 

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You haven't read the beginning of the series?

Want to ready Crossing's Redemption before I review it? Here you go.

Don't forget to connect with Carrie.

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