Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Into the Word Wednesday} Child Like Faith

God has been showing up through this little girl a lot lately.  I had shared this story about her at church last week on Into the Word.  A lovely reader mentioned this scripture. {Much to my surprise this was featured on this week's Into the Word Wednesday.  Thanks Upward Not Inward}

I then shared this story with our pastor and he referred to the same scripture.

Christmas day while at the in-laws house she went to jump on me and I had to stop her.  I said, "Honey, you can't jump on Mommy right now."  She says, "Oh, the baby is in there."  At that point I tell her that the baby got really sick and had to go live with Jesus.  I swear she didn't hear a word I said.

Then bedtime happened.  She looks at me and says, "Mama, is Jesus' mama holding the baby right now?"  I just hug her.  When I can speak I say to her, "Well, I guess so.  Since Jesus is a grown man now his mama can hold the baby."

The innocence of her faith is uplifting and encouraging.  

Her faith is even entering her imagination and play time.  New Year's Day our little girl "disappeared".  Any time you called for her she said, "I am Mary!"  She wrapped her blankie around her shoulders and told us it was her Mary dress.  She wrapped her baby Belle up in a blanket and carried around Baby Jesus.

I would like to say that we talked Jesus and the Christmas story that much during Christmas that it all just stuck with her.  I more think it was the fact that every time we left our house or came home we drove pass a church that has an amazing nativity scene.  She would ask, "Who is that wearing the green?" or "Where is baby Jesus?" or "Where is Mary?"  We also have a book that she loved hearing, "The Real Story of Christmas" which retells the Christmas story in kid language. 

She believes in Jesus.  She thanks Him for everything in her life.  She prays before she puts food in her mouth, meal or snack.  Her faith has not been tainted by the world.  Maybe we need to take a look at the faith of children to be reminded of that child-like faith we used to have. 


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