Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review: Crossing Redemption by Carrie Daws

The Crossing Series by Carrie Daws all in all is amazing. Each book is a great read.  Crossing Redemption is the final book in the series.

Crossing Values {Review Here}
Ryan's Crossing {Review Here}
Romancing Melody {Review Here}

Carrie Daws is a Christian author. Her writing style is refreshing and clean. I have said it in the other reviews, but it begs to be mentioned again. You can read these books anywhere and not worry that you will start blushing.

Crossing Redemption brings Amber back into the main character roll. In Crossing Value you find out that Amber has a past that created some baggage.  As not to spoil anything for you, but that baggage comes out in this book. Romancing Melody you also found that Melody's Aunt Patrica also had some skeletons she wanted to keep hidden. Patrica and Amber work on over-coming these demons together.

As I mentioned, this is the final book in this series.  {However, there are several short stories on Carrie's website about these families.} I hate to say it, but this was my least favorite of the series. Although I love Carrie's just enough details to let your imagination take over writing style, I would have really like more about "the baggage". What happened to make these women react the way they were reacting to the situations that were happening in their present.  I also missed the supporting characters that were more present in the other books.

This final book of the series did bring characters full circle. You really do see what God can do in their lives and how far they have come.

I look forward to diving into the short stories. I have recommended this series to youth pastors, friends and family. I think the series is great and I look forward to more from Carrie Daws in the upcoming year.

Thank you Carrie Daws for the copies of your books in exchange for a review. The opinions of these reviews are 100% mine.

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